The Importance of Branded Language

Published On April 19, 2018
branded language as a part of your branding strategy

Branded language is a specialized use of word combinations that work to create meaning that is unique to a brand. At its best, it will become a catchphrase. Nike, for example, comes to mind when you hear Just Do It whether you are in the market for sneakers or your spouse is nagging you to take out the trash. The brand operates from this core identity and their content reflects their mantra in tone, imagery, and message.

Language gives a brand consistency in its voice. It makes a brand recognizable for the things it most values. This should be the goal of any brand that wants to be known for what they excel at. Whether you are marketing cookies or couture, a brand must be able to articulate its core values in order to connect with an audience.

International brands utilize language to maintain a consistent brand image. A carefully curated lexicon ensures that employees represent the brand’s intended image, goals, and objectives to customers. It also becomes the cornerstone of marketing efforts and the heart of the brand’s narrative.

The trick of it is to pull the thread tightly, define the brand values, create key terms, and expand all content from the core of the brand outward to the larger world.

Susie Ippolito