Detachment is the Key to Success

Published On April 19, 2018
how detachment causes success

Golf is a mind sport. One in which you are acutely aware of the power of positivity versus negativity. If you stay positive throughout the game and rest confidently on your skills, you will have fun and you will learn whether you win or lose. If you follow the negative spiral of thoughts that inevitably pop up with each missed putt, you will find yourself wasting a lot of opportunities for a great shot.

The same is true in business. If you take your business personally, you open an inlet to negative thinking. If you become detached from it, you will maintain a positive, forward focus.

Invested, focused detachment is the goal.  It sounds awkward and difficult because it is. It is a way of thinking that is counter to everything you have been taught about giving it your all and putting your heart and soul into it.

In the process of developing your brand, you will need to learn this kind of detachment. It is natural for our egos to blur the line between the brand and the self. You created this idea/product/service. It cannot exist without your experience, education, knowledge, creativity, elbow grease, and sacrifices. And yet, it cannot exist successfully unless you allow it to be an entity separate from yourself and separate from your ego.

The truth is, you will fail many, many times over. You will fail as a start-up, as a rising star, and, if you are lucky, you will fail as a success. It is not easy. You will want to cry, and you will. You will wake up one day and question everything and start to browse jobs on LinkedIn. You will tell yourself, “I can’t do this.”

The trick is to learn that you are not doing this. Your brand is doing this. You are an entity separate and apart from your brand. You will find that your brand can do far more than you can. It can be bolder than you are, more colorful, more direct, more powerful, more confident, more everything.

Invested, focused detachment allows you stay present with your goals without the mind chatter that gets in the way of a successful day. Missed golf putts and misfires in business are not wastes of time, they are an opportunity to learn how to detach your mind from doubt to uncomplicate the situation and commit to your swing.

Susie Ippolito