Why Everyone Needs an Editor

Published On April 19, 2018
why everyone needs an editor

Everyone and I mean everyone, needs an editor. A lot of time can be wasted obsessing about word efficiency, grammar, punctuation and wondering if the whole thing should just go in the trash. An editor comes equipped with red pen in hand, ready to slice and dice your words into something that is pleasant to read.

Face Reality

Count the number of times the word “I” occurs in the text, if it is more than once – maaaaaybe twice – get an editor.

Check your use of your and you’re, there and their, and if you’re unsure which goes where – get an editor.

Check your sources, and acknowledge them. Yes, just like you did in college. If you are unsure of what or why or how to do this, you guessed it- get an editor.

If your sentences go on and on and on; if your paragraphs take up half of a page; if you think you are onto something but know it is not making its way to the page; if you don’t know why semicolons are used in this paragraph, get an editor.

“I can self-edit,” said no great writer ever.

Self-editing is nearly impossible. Especially in blogs and social media posts where there is so much flexibility with the rules of writing. Working within this flexibility requires focussing on the intention of the post in order to successfully communicate its point. However, this flexibility also encourages leaning on the “I” narrative and other writing habits that can dilute the value of important information.

If you are an expert in your field, if your brand is blowing up, if you know that the voice of your brand should be heard loud and clear,  get an editor.

Susie Ippolito