The Artistic Experience and Your Brand

Published On April 19, 2018
branding and artistic experience

The artistic life is not an easy one to live and it has the potential to complicate the branding process. As creatives, we turn inward to craft expressions of art that connect the human experience. Emotions tend to lead actions, and there is usually a strong attachment to the work. Artisans can become protective of their craft, and yet, they long for a patron to experience the passion put into the product.

The artistic life is also full of beauty. We see things more vibrantly, feel things more deeply, we are empaths, we are introverts, and we care – a lot. As a result, the creative/emotional perspective needed to create often conflicts with the rational/business perspective that is necessary to be successful.

Our brands suffer the consequences.

The way to overcome this challenge is to learn to accept that there are things we do not know. To embrace the unfamiliar and get comfortable with discomfort. The magic happens when acceptance meets awareness and we allow ourselves to collaborate with others whose knowledge matches our talent.

Susie Ippolito