I am a creative non-fiction writer.

That means I look at the way text and imagery make meaning; it means that I like to dissect, annotate, and explicate both poetry and prose. (Seriously, it is what I do for fun). It means I enjoy a challenge. It means that I am able to look at a brand through a specific and strategic lense that reveals its true meaning and helps it to achieve its true potential.

As a brand, you have an infinite number of methods and mediums at your disposal to display your goods and services. I am interested in the behind the scenes work, the system a brand employs to create its message and to imprint its image on the minds of its tribe.


I have developed brands that

Promote Goodwill

Sell Branded Imagery

Sell the Art of High-End Hairstyling

Establish Professional Authority

Sell Multi-Million Dollar Manhattan Buildings

Each brand had its own story to tell. Each approach was strategically planned. Each one resisted strategy, each one thought there must be an easier way. Each brand is grateful they chose to trust the process and embrace a strategic approach.

All have gone on to enjoy great success.

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Published Stories

There is a constant debate about whether marketers need to be good sales people or good writers. We believe they must be both. We also believe that the exploration of value is an integral part of the brand development process.

Susie Ippolito writes educational commentary pieces about business development, brand development, and the entrepreneurial journey.

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  • Mar 10, 2020

    The Value of Service

    To serve: (according to Google) to perform duties or services for another person or organization.

  • Jan 14, 2020

    Why You Need a Content Warehouse

    I loathe the term content calendar. I get that it is an easy to sell format of content creation. I will even consent that it is a simple road map for beginners to follow. And I am well aware that large, successful businesses have the business model and long term plans to back up this strategy.

  • Nov 25, 2019

    The Question Every Startup Needs to Ask Itself: Is Your Product or Service Replaceable?

    Chances are you’ve come across this quote in one form or another. There are many quotes attributed to Mademoiselle. Some are accurate, not all are. I’m willing to bet that this one likely is.

  • Nov 18, 2019

    Why You Need to Hang Out with People Doing Better Than You!

    Years ago, a very savvy businessman told me: “If you want to be successful, then you have to spend time with people doing better than you.”

  • Oct 30, 2019

    We Co’s Problems and the Detriment of a Brand Without Strategy

    One weekend, while reading The Wall Street Journal, the front page of the business section caught my eye. The two lead stories, “Goldman Sachs’s Messy Move to Main Street” (Liz Hoffman and Peter Rudegeair) and “The Trouble with Torid Growth”, (Heather Somerville and Rolfe Winkler) (Weekend Edition, Exchange…

  • Jul 31, 2019

    The Value of Quality: New Standards Will Raise the Bar for Content

    There are changes brewing in social media land that aim to forever alter how we engage and (hopefully) how it affects us emotionally. Changes like the possible (and highly likely) elimination of public access to our beloved Instagram hearts and comment counts.

  • Jun 21, 2019

    Hit for the Cycle: Why Strategy Planning is the All Star

    Baseball players get paid bajillions of dollars to play the sport, which is often hard to wrap our heads around because, in the eyes of the fans, a player’s value fluctuates from game to game. When our favorite player hits one out of the park and the crowd goes wild, the player is the darling of the day and he is considered worthy of the lofty price of admission to pay his salary.

  • May 3, 2019

    Value, in context

    I had an interesting experience today when I brought a few pieces of antique jewelry to a lovely shop in Rochester, New York. These tiny treasures had been hidden in a shoebox only to glimpse the light of day when I passed them over in favor of another piece to wear.

  • May 2, 2019

    Help for the Emotional Entrepreneur

    Almost every person who comes to my office for brand strategy services cries. Sometimes it is a small welling up of tears out a relief that they can share their fears about their business with someone who can help them solve their problems.

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