I designed this branding package for startups and small businesses after watching too many brands skip this important part of brand development.

It is intentionally affordable so that brands can start out with a solid foundation that can support real growth.

Brand Strategist & Founder of SI Brands

Brand Strategy for Startups

The Professional Perspective Package

Because sometimes you just need to talk it out with a pro.
In 4, 1-hour sessions with Susie, your brand will gain a clear understanding of
  • The needs of its target market
  • Ideal positioning
  • Impactful core values
  • Where to compete

Maximize Your Startup’s Potential

with our comprehensive brand strategy package

How Brand Consultations Work

How Brand Consultations Work


You will receive a comprehensive intake form that asks many questions about your brand.


Over the course of 4 weeks, you will spend 4 hours receiving one-on-one brand strategy coaching from Susie.


Each session is a deep dive into one topic like customer segments, core values, and target markets.


Your brand walks away with a pro-level deck for your brand to share with its marketing partners.
Susie gave me some honest, but needed feedback that helped take LinkedInGhostwriter.com from OK to a site with strong, professional site stellar copywriting.
Harrison Kelly
SEO Consultant and Founder of LinkedInGhostwriter
Susie spent 6 sessions with me going through different aspects of my business. The process helped me clarify my brand, & how to move forward with my business.
Behdad Jamshidi
Owner, CJAM Marketing
SI Brands was an absolute pleasure to work with. Susie takes the time to really interview and get to know the brand to ensure that everyone is on the same page. There was a unique level of care and consideration that went into every meeting, and she easily became a natural extension of the in-house team. Her content really elevated our website across the board! Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.
Isabella Reyes,
Marketing Director, Esker Beauty

Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential

Create a brand identity that stands out and attracts the right customers with 4 hours of live, one-on-one consulting with an expert brand strategist with proven experience helping startups and small businesses.

Discover Your Differentiators

Dive deep into your brand to find the unique selling points that stand out from competitors.

Craft Compelling Stories

Learn how to communicate your value proposition and brand message in a way that resonates.

Expand Your Brand’s Reach

From marketing campaigns and beyond, these insights help brands reach new heights.

Access Professional Guidance

4 hours of strategic guidance tailored to your business is a game changer for brands in development.

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Susie gave me an outside perspective of how a professional sees the marketing and branding work that I am doing. Susie asked the hard questions, forcing me to think critically about my approach. The process of having to think things through, explain them, define them, and defend them gave me a lot of clarity about my brand and my business.
James Long,
Founder, Long Law Firm
SI Brands really helped me elevate my blog presence… Susie never hesitates to go the extra mile by suggesting what to promote on social media…
Sonia Elyss, Beauty Digital Marketer and Founder of
Sonia Elyss Consulting
Susie is our go-to writer for everything from website content to press releases. She understands how to position our brand, so the message reaches the right audience every time.
Timothy Priano, Founder, ABTP,
Artists by Timothy Priano

Time To Level Up Your Startup’s Brand


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