• Hit for the Cycle: Why Strategy Planning is the All Star

    Baseball players get paid bajillions of dollars to play the sport, which is often hard to wrap our heads around because, in the eyes of the fans, a player’s value fluctuates from game to game. When our favorite player hits one out of the park and the crowd goes wild, the player is the darling of the day and he is considered worthy of the lofty price of admission to pay his salary. However, when he » Read More


  • The Core

    Have you ever heard the expression “shaken to my core”? It is used to communicate a jolt to our human systems that goes far beyond what we can brush off easily. It is a fright or trauma or instance that is able to penetrate our being so swiftly and so deeply that it changes our thought patterns, perspective, and values. Recovery from being shaken to one’s core can be difficult, depending on the surrounding circumstances, » Read More


  • The Value of Value

    Over and over businesses ask: How much should I charge? When the question should be, How do I create value? Or, my personal favorite, I want to raise my prices, which is seldom accompanied with a proposal for increase in positive user experience (aka, value). In our daily lives, we so rarely think about the value of our spends. We purchase, say, milk on a regular basis, more often than not from the same store. » Read More


  • Why Everyone Needs an Editor

    Everyone and I mean everyone, needs an editor. A lot of time can be wasted obsessing about word efficiency, grammar, punctuation and wondering if the whole thing should just go in the trash. An editor comes equipped with red pen in hand, ready to slice and dice your words into something that is pleasant to read. Face Reality Count the number of times the word “I” occurs in the text, if it is more than » Read More


  • The Artistic Experience and Your Brand

    The artistic life is not an easy one to live and it has the potential to complicate the branding process. As creatives, we turn inward to craft expressions of art that connect the human experience. Emotions tend to lead actions, and there is usually a strong attachment to the work. Artisans can become protective of their craft, and yet, they long for a patron to experience the passion put into the product. The artistic life » Read More


  • The Importance of Imagery

    Much like poetry, imagery intends to reach from human to human and connect us through sensory experience first through sight, then through the associations that the image conjures in our minds. When it is done exceptionally well, it connects through the physical and emotional sensations it conjures. Imagery is the original form of written communication. Its advent signifies the birth of the human imagination and its desire to document the human experience (also, much like » Read More